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Hardware Solutions

3D printer model 593

The Model 593 3D printer is a highly specialized piece of equipment carefully designed for manufacturing objects from a wide variety of semi-solid materials, including gels, hydrogels, ceramic pastes, inks, bioinks and other pseudoplastic materials. 


Technical characteristics


  • Aluminum profile structure with linear guide system and skates.

  • Automatic bivolt 110/220 V source.

  • Extrusion head using 10 ml disposable syringes (NEMA 17 motor - 5 for deposition of gels and pseudoplastic pastes.

  • Communication: USB cable.

  • Phenolite heated table; 120x120mm. Print area: 100 x 100 mm. Maximum operating temperature: 120 °C.

  • Thermal insulation on the heated screed.

Software Solutions


The printer operates in conjunction with the BIOSCAFFOLDS software, developed by 593iCAN. Additionally, it is compatible with a variety of open source 3D printing software, providing remarkable flexibility in your operations.


The free version of the BIOSCAFFOLDS software can be downloaded here.

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