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Foto da impressora modelo 593 como fundo para texto sobre a 593iCan

Hardware, software,
3D printing - Unlimited potential.

593iCAN develops hardware and software for 3D printing of advanced materials. Highlight is the BIOSCAFFOLDS software, which quickly generates G code, enabling accurate and efficient 3D printing in various applications.

3D printing of semi-solid materials

The Model 593 3D printer is highly specialized equipment carefully designed for manufacturing objects from a wide variety of semi-solid materials, including gels, hydrogels, ceramic pastes, inks, bioinks and other pseudoplastic materials.


Its robust structure, equipped with high-quality linear guide systems and skates, ensures exceptional precision and remarkable stability in all printing projects.


The core of this machine is its extrusion head, which uses two 10 ml disposable syringes and is powered by motors with a torque of 5, allowing the precise and controlled deposition of a wide variety of semi-solid materials, making it an ideal choice for a variety of applications.

Photo highlighting printer heads with a star with two different materials being printed
Multiwell plate with printed bioscaffolds


The printer operates in conjunction with the BIOSCAFFOLDS software, developed by 593iCAN. Additionally, it is compatible with a variety of open source 3D printing software, providing remarkable flexibility in your operations.

The applications for the Model 593 are vast and span fields such as tissue engineering, 3D bioprinting, smart materials printing, drug manufacturing and more. With its exceptional combination of technical features and software compatibility, the 593 3D printer and BIOSCAFFOLDS software stand out as the premier choice for projects that demand the handling of semi-solid materials with precision and reliability.

The free version of the BIOSCAFFOLDS software can bedownloaded here.

Hardware and software solutions

3D printer model 593 on neutral background


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