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The 593iCAN

Semi-solid structure 3d printer with 3d printer model 593 in 10-pointed star shape


We develop high-quality 3D printers and software to meet the needs of an interdisciplinary audience. Our commitment is to provide a friendly and innovative experience, allowing our users to carry out cutting-edge applications in a simple way.


Lead the advancement in the development of equipment for 3D printing, aiming to provide reliability and repeatability invarious applications.


Transparency, tradition, innovation, technology, excellence and respect.


Photo of founder and director José Luis Dávila

José Luis Dávila

Founder and Director

Photo of founder Bruna Maria Manzini

Bruna Maria Manzini


Photo by software developer Thiago Franco de Moraes

Thiago Franco de Moraes

Software developer

Paulo Inforçatti Neto

Additive Manufacturing Specialist

Photo by additive manufacturing specialist Paulo Inforçatti Neto

Otávio Henrique Junqueira Amorim

Computer graphics specialist

Photo by computer graphics specialist Otávio Henrique Junqueira Amorim

Guilherme Bitencourt Nunes

Electronic hardware developer

Photo by electronic hardware developer Guilherme Bitencourt Nunes

Jimmy Gabriel Alvarez Zambrano

Especialista em Engenharia Mecânica

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