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José Luiz Dávila

Founder and Director

Mechanical Engineer graduated from Escuela Politécnica Nacional (Ecuador/2011), with a master's degree (2014) and doctorate (2018) in Mechanical Engineering from UNICAMP. Works in the area of Materials and Manufacturing Processes, focusing on additive manufacturing. He has extensive experience in developing hardware and software for 3D printer projects. He also has experience in various material characterization techniques. He completed a post-doctorate in hybrid manufacturing at the Open 3D Printing Laboratory (LAprint) at CTI Renato Archer. He is the founder of the startup 593iCAN Soluções em Imspiração 3D Ltda. and is currently the researcher responsible for the PIPE FAPESP Phase 2 project entitled: Hardware and software for 3D printing of personalized medicines.

Thiago Franco de Moraes

Software developer

Master in computer science from UNICAMP. He was a researcher in the areas of medical imaging and 3D technologies at the Open 3D Printing Laboratory (LAprint) at CTI Renato Archer, where he worked on the development of free medical imaging software InVesalius. He supervised several scientific initiation students at LAprint. He mentored students from the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) program in the InVesalius project. He is interested in computer graphics, image processing, computational geometry, distributed systems and machine learning.

Otávio Henrique Junqueira Amorim

Computer graphics specialist

Graphic Designer graduated from the Higher School of Administration, Marketing and Communication of Campinas (ESAMC). He has extensive experience in the area of visual communication having carried out various computer graphics, graphic interface and layout work for printed and digital materials. He produced several scientific communication and dissemination pieces, using computer graphics, when he was a researcher at CTI Renato Archer.

Paulo Inforçatti Neto

Additive Manufacturing Specialist

Computer Engineer from FAINOR (2007) and Master in Mechanical Engineering from USP (2013). 17 years of experience in Additive Manufacturing working on R&D projects in open laboratories using different additive manufacturing techniques including planning, training, operation, maintenance, monitoring and logistical support of three-dimensional technology processes and equipment. At CTI Renato Archer, he developed open-design 3D printing equipment for application in bioengineering research and led teams in the development of innovative 3D technologies in the healthcare area, including high-performance customized prosthetics. He coordinated projects with Petrobrás in 3D printing for oil and gas, and collaborated with the SIRIUS program exploring additive manufacturing technologies for applications in ultra-high vacuum systems. As a consultant, he has implemented and validated AM technologies in different industry sectors, including automotive, aerospace and healthcare.

Guilherme Bitencourt Nunes

Hardware Developer

Electrical Engineer from the University of Santa Cruz do Sul (2018). Experience in R&D projects during graduation in the Aerodesign area. He worked on additive manufacturing projects with emphasis on technologies in  metallic materials within the scope of the SIRIUS project. At CTI Renato Archer worked with robotics in the development of hardware and software for socially interactive robot projects, in addition to machine learning projects.


Av. Alan Turing, 776. Room207.

UNICAMP Scientific and Technological Park.

Campinas, sp

ZIP code: 13083-898

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